Projects include:
Out of Sight, In/Sight, Piece by Piece and Landmarks



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Out of Sight
26 young people take a journey through their neighbourhood, reviewing their surroundings and probing their findings.
Harnessing new found creative and technical photography skills, the camera becomes a tool for self-expression and raised awareness, with each photographer producing a unique perspective.

With the support of BBC Children in Need, the group, aged 11-17 stepped-up to the project. As the weeks went on, the young people felt less of a need to stay out of sight in a shy, challenging world sense, but found a way to be out of sight as in awesome, electric and powerful by using their eye4change to send their photographic message back out into the world.

Online Gallery - Out of Sight


This Eye4Change project, supported by Children in Need provided digital photography workshops to young people aged 12-17 in Woolwich, South East London.
This project gives voice to who they are, their Eye4Change, their spotlight on the world.

Online Gallery - IN/SIGHT


Eye4Change has been working with young parents in Greenwich, on a project that examines family photographs as a mirror of history and cultural identity. Young people have the opportunity to learn a range of photography skills, receive accredited training, connect and piece together findings from the past to inform how they capture their own family history in a modern age and work towards an exhibition to be shared and celebrated with the wider community and future generations.

A dedicated digital archive of the project can be viewed here -


Eye4Change ran a series of Urban Photowalks for people of all backgrounds and abilities, giving them the opportunity to use a digital camera as a tool for self-expression, storytelling and a means to connect. Participants explore and share a sense of belonging within their local community as they walk through local neighbourhoods and outdoor spaces.

Some of the photographs can be viewed here - LANDMARKS Photo Walks